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The 2023 Hotshot Up event was in honor of:

Collin Hagan

Collin was a skateboard enthusiast. Along with a special crew of buddies, he adventured often to challenges, fun and good ol laughs . He enjoyed everything in the out-of-doors. Raised on the water and called to the woods. His preference was to camp under the stars on the shores of Lake Superior. His truest little playmate was his only sibling, big sister Emily. Collin belonged to Holy Family Catholic Church as an alter server. While growing up, he was active in a local 4-H Club, with his mother as his leader. While playing in the Copper Country Junior Hockey Association, his father was his coach. Collin was an avid hunting and fishing outdoorsman. He loved to hike and discover unknown places. Collin always took his health seriously and worked daily during the off-season to improve his strength and endurance. He was a serious man when it came to the chain saw. Certified and skilled in the art of felling trees of all sizes. He had worked his way up the ranks to the number one sawman for a season. He enjoyed assisting others in learning the trade as well.


He was known by his family and friends as the most kind and compassionate man you would ever find. He was a straight shooter, always thought of others first and just did not worry about a thing. A trait, many of us learned from him. His somewhat, quiet demeanor could fool you as he had a remarkable sense of humor. Collin made his own path in life. A path in which we are all so very proud he took.

Capt. Vidal "Max" Fortuna

A 21 year veteran of the Stockton Fire Department, Captain Fortuna was on Engine 2 at an outdoor fire when he was struck by gunfire at the scene. It is a devastating loss for his wife, two children, family, and our fire department. Max was a veteran firefighter, a good leader and an active member of his community. “He was not only good at his job, he’s also a mentor and a teacher to all our newer firefighters” a Stockton fire chief said. Fortuna, 47, served Stockton Fire for more than 21 years and previously worked as a volunteer firefighter for the Ceres Fire Department.

Although he held a high rank at the department, Fortuna was humble and had a sense of humor with his crew.

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