Event Postponed

Et Al,

For the past three years we have been successful in facilitating an annual fundraiser
that is held on state park land. Due to the impacts of the Covid-19 Virus we are
currently not allowed to hold an event of our size and type for the scheduled date
of April 11th, 2020.

We would like to thank everyone for their over whelming support however, we are
managing in the realm of uncertainties as of today the event for April 11, 2020 is
canceled. We are in discussion with CA State Parks and being provided weekly
updates if an opportunity were to become available to potentially still hold the event
in the month of May. Dates that are currently being discussed would be Saturday
May 9th, 2020 or Saturday May 16th, 2020. If the situation becomes more dynamic
and critical, we will look at rescheduling for the fall this calendar year or potentially
having it the following year of 2021.

Many positive outcomes would have to happen between now and April 11th and we
will also gauge our participants to see if it would be a possible for them to attend if
we reschedule our event in May.

We are committed to keeping our sponsors, participants and guests well informed
during this time of uncertainty and will be doing our best to work with everyone to
find the best solution.

The options to our participants/sponsors to be implemented immediately upon
1. Full Refund / or return of items donated, money donated, and entry fees for

2. Hold over until the event happens (which will eventually happen once we are
granted permission and is timely and appropriate) of all items/money donated, entry
fees for registered teams. All contributions will be held until the event is again

In firefighting, we have many tools that we utilize and implement for achieving a
desirable outcome.
One of the planning acronyms utilized is PACE.
PACE stands for Primary Plan, Alternative Plan Contingency Plan, Emergency plan.


Our plans for action are:
Primary- Hold the event April 11th, 2020 as planned* this is no longer an option at
this time, CA State parks will provide us with weekly updates pending CDCguidance.
We will no longer be holding the event on April 11th, 2020. We will
refund/return all donations, and participant entry fees if requested.
Alternate- Postpone the event to May 2020, with the proposed dates listed above if
allowed and permitted by CA State Parks, Refund all donations and participants
entry fee’s etc. if requested.
Contingency- Reschedule the event to a date TBD in the Fall of 2020.
Emergency- Reschedule the event and refund all


This is not the ideal scenario, but with the current situation we must do our part by
keeping our sponsors, participants and guests safe during this critical time. Our
thoughts go out to everyone being impacted by this current pandemic and wish you
all well.

Stand by and watch our social media platforms for more updates. We will also reach
out to all of you directly to keep you updated as the situation develops. We should
be able to come to a conclusion and firm decision in the month of April 2020.
Until then, take care of yourselves and family. Thank you all for deciding to

God Bless

Anthony Powers
Hotshot Up Event Coordinator
@Hotshot_up on Instagram
If you have any questions or concerns do it hesitate to call me directly!